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Professional Fireman’s Home Gym Build

In this edition of Home Gym Builds, meet Edward. This Professional Fireman has an awesome setup at his firehouse that helps prepare him and his coworkers save lives and fight fires in NYC


So, tell us a bit about yourself.


My name is Edward Parra, I'm 35 and live in New York City. I'm a very (ok) exerciser, professional fireman, and a proud owner of a dad bod.



What sort of training do you currently do?


I follow online programming and try to get into the gym whenever I can, typically has to be before and/or after work.

I try to do as much accessory work(beach muscles) in between emergency calls as possible.



Do you have a name for your gym?


Actually, yeah. We're naming our gym the “BC Orio Palmer Memorial Gym” in honor of our chief who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. He was a pillar of fitness who earned the FDNY Fitness Award at every professional rank. The FDNY Award has since been renamed the Orio Palmer Fitness Award.


That's an awesome commemoration. So, what equipment currently makes up your gym?




What made you want to build a gym?


The gym was actually there before I got assigned to my company. All that was there though was a single 6-station universal home gym machine.

Over the past decade, myself and the members of the firehouse have slowly made improvements. We did this in order to make fitness a priority in a job where the most important tool is our body.


Have you made any mistakes in building the gym?


Quite a few people are happy to donate used gym equipment to us, but the biggest mistake we did was accepting anything and everything that was offered.
We ended up with quite a few machines with huge footprints and very little function.

What's your favorite piece of equipment in the gym?


My favorite piece of equipment by far is the Assault AirBike.

Are there any pieces of equipment that you wish you hadn't purchased?


I purchased a few leather stitched medicine balls, thinking they would hold up.

I forgot though that we have 50 firefighters working at our station and our equipment takes a LOT of abuse. Those guys didn’t last long before the stitching popped and the guts came out.



Is there any equipment on your future purchase list?


On my boring list of future purchases, we have the Rogue Matador, a kettlebell rack, new treadmill belt, and a few replacement dumbells.
On my super exciting list of future purchases, we want to get sandbags and some strongman logs.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own home gym build?


My best advice is to have a game plan and follow through.
Once you have your equipment up and ready to go you’ll be so happy you went through all the work. If possible buy quality, we had a few cheap items break on us and no one wants to deal with that.

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