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The CrossFit Games is Moving to Madison, Wisconson

Since the beginning, The CrossFit Games has been held in Carson, CA.

It's where CrossFit began and rightfully so, where the Games was first held back at Dave Castro's parents' ranch.

However, starting in 2017 until at least 2019, the CrossFit Games will be held in…


Madison, Wisconson

Not only is that changing, but the Games will now take place in August instead of July.

So, why Madison, Wisconson?

First off, Madison is about as polar opposite of Southern California in terms of CrossFit popularity as humanly possible.

There are only seven affiliates according to the Morning Chalk Up. SEVEN, in the capital of Wisconson. That being said, Madison is a pretty awesome Midwest town. The only midwest town I like better is the one near me and that's Kansas City.

The biggest reason I see for the Games moving to Madison is the fact that it's a HUGE college town.


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So big in fact, that when it empties for the summer, CrossFit will be able to have the Woodstock of fitness festival they've always wanted. CrossFit will literally take over the city for an entire WEEK!

There's also a lot to do with over 200 miles worth of trails and big lakes all around. Expect the Vendor Village to be completely redesigned and way bigger in size as well as many more opportunities for the whole family to enjoy.

Also, something to keep in mind is CrossFit's best friend Rogue Fitness. No longer will Rogue who is based in Ohio have to travel across the country with thousands of tons of equipment. They can take a (much) shorter drive up to Madison.

The main problem I forsee is actually getting people to the event. Madison is not a city that everybody is clamoring to get to. Meaning, it's more difficult to fly in.

But, we'll see if airlines change their plans due to the announcement.

Either way, I'm pumped to see how Madison will host the event!

Stay Strong, Live Long,


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