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Drug Testing at the CrossFit Games

Do me a favor, real quick. Go to any forum or comment section on CrossFit related subject matter and let me know what you see. Most likely there will be some random chit-chat on the athletes or the topic being discussed, but just about every time the use of steroids and …

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The CrossFit Games is Moving to Madison, Wisconson

Since the beginning, The CrossFit Games has been held in Carson, CA. It's where CrossFit began and rightfully so, where the Games was first held back at Dave Castro's parents' ranch. However, starting in 2017 until at least 2019, the CrossFit Games will be held in… Madison, Wisconson Not only is …

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100+ CrossFit Wods for Hypertrophy

I love CrossFit. There's something about pushing your physical and mental limits in functional movements that will help you in the real world. I also love getting a pump. I see no reason to separate the two. Too often I see people create splits for hypertrophy training with a metcon following. …

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The Ultimate Home Gym Guide

The almighty Home Gym. Seriously, home gym owners are a different breed of people. These are folks dedicated to becoming fitter in the comfort of their home and there's no bigger proponent of this movement than I. I understand that training and accomplishing your physical goals can be difficult at times, …

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2016 CrossFit Games Open Tips

Every year the CrossFit Open rolls around with much excitement. AND, every year that the open workouts are announced, there are ‘experts' providing us with videos and articles on how best to approach the workouts. This year, instead of having to go to all of the different places for the …

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The Top 15 Fitness Blogs According to Coop

There's a million and one people blogging about fitness today. Every single person thinks they know what they are talking about, but in reality very few do. In my attempts to become the best version of myself I have sought high and lowfor the best blogs on the internet today for …

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The CrossFit Games Needs An Enemy

Tell me how many times you've heard this while watching the CrossFit Games or Regionals: Ya know, that's what makes CrossFit so great! Look at all these competitors coming over and cheering on the last person working out. Only in CrossFit do you see that kind of sportsmanship. Barf. I'm …

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