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Position Weightlifting Eastwood Shoes Review

Position, USA is not your typical weightlifting shoe company. You see, most weightlifting shoes these days are manufactured by robots, on big long assembly lines. The art of a handmade shoe is, for the most part, long gone. But, being the contrarians that Position, USA seems to be, they've ditched trends …

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Nike Romaleos 3 Weightlifting Shoes Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness or Nike.com The Nike Romaleos 3 are finally in my hands. There has not been a weightlifting shoe more hyped than the Romaleos 3. Par of that hype is due to me, but also many others who are clamoring for a look at the latest …

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Reebok Legacy Lifters Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness or Reebok.com The long-awaited Reebok Legacy Weightlifting Shoes have been released! You see, not too long ago, a picture of CJ Cummings, a young man many believe to be the future of USA Weightlifting was seen wearing a new weightlifting shoe from Reebok. The weightlifting …

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Risto Olimpico Weightlifting Shoes Review

Where to Purchase: Risto Olimpico I love a good pair of weightlifting shoes. Because of this, I have a lot of them. In fact I've reviewed a majority of the weightlifting shoes on the market today. This includes Adidas Adipowers, Nike Romaleos 2, Adidas Leistung's, and Position Blue Suede Shoes. …

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Adidas Leistung Weightlifting Shoes Review

Where to Buy: Adidas Leistung Weightlifting Shoes They are in my hands! Muahahahahaha! When I initially saw these, I immediately wanted them. Granted, they are ugly. AND they are pretty expensive, but that being said, this is the most HIGH TECH WEIGHTLIFTING SHOE EVER Seriously. If Michael J. Fox had …

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Position P2.0 Blue Suede Shoes Review

Where to Purchase: Position USA It seems that nearly every fitness apparel company today is producing shoes and I've reviewed the majority of them. And to be completely honest, most of them are pretty outstanding. One thing however, that NOBODY is doing is producing olympic weightlifting shoes. Nobody that is …

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