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Reviews on training technology. Lifting collars, smart watches, training apps, timers, and more!

Nexus Performance Tracker Review

Nexus is a revolutionary new technology that allows for (nearly) complete tracking of performance during CrossFit workouts. Utilizing the Push Band 2.0 with a new app designed specifically for CrossFit, this could be revolutionary for both CrossFit Competitions and training. Table of Contents Nexus Performance Tracker Review Suggested Improvements Full …

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Fitbit Ionic In-Depth Review

The Fitbit Ionic is one of the best activity tracking smart watches available on the market today. With Fitbit's encouragement to accomplish fitness goals, an exercise tracker to understand just how fit you are, and multiple day battery life, the Fitbit Ionic should not go overlooked when looking for an …

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FORM Lifting Collar Review

SUPPORT ON KICKSTARTER There are more and more ‘fitness trackers' coming out everyday. The majority of them can tell you how fast you run, what your heart rate is, how you slept, and many other things. The problem is, there hasn't really been a device that correlates directly to lifting …

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GymNext Flex Timer Review

I love Fitness. I also love technology. So, when I heard there was a gym timer that could be controlled by your smartphone, I was immediately intrigued. And that's exactly what GymNext has done in releasing the Flex Timer. Say goodbye to your broken and lost remotes, and say hello …

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