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Recovery Tools

Crossover Symmetry Review

Crossover Symmetry is a rotator cuff/scapular activation and strength program designed to improve overhead performance and increase strength and mobility. Through testing of the program over the course of a year, we can confidently say that Crossover Symmetry met and exceeded our expectations and we recommend it to everyone who desires …

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TimTam Percussion Massager Review

The TimTam Percussion Massager combines frequency, amplitude, and torque into a handheld unit that provides deep tissue massage to relieve pain and soreness. We loved using the TimTam and found it to be very effective, although a bit pricey, despite being one of the cheapest options available. Table of contents …

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Roll Recovery R8 Review

Where to Purchase: Roll Recovery Can you have too many recovery tools? Of course not. That's like saying you can have too many barbells, it's just not possible (although my wife disagrees.) There are a few important features regarding mobility tools, but to me, the MOST important feature is that the …

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Armaid Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness How many foam rollers, knock off lacrosse balls, and gizmos to mash your muscle fibers into submission have you used? Probably a ton, because so have I. This being said, I have yet to see a mobility tool that does what the foam roller does …

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Marc Pro Review

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness Recovery is ALMOST as important as training. The reason it's ALMOST as important is because if you aren't training, then you don't really have much to recover from. The more recovery has become studied and recognized for it's importance in building muscle, increasing strength, and simply making …

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HawkGrips Review

Where to Purchase: HawkGrips When I started on my journey with CrossFit my mobility was simply put…terrible. In fact, to be completely honest, it’s still not quite where I want it to be. I come from a background of playing ice hockey at a collegiate level, then bodybuilding, and powerlifting. All …

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Best Wrist Wraps for CrossFit

There's a lot of wrist wraps on the market today. They vary in style from the traditional powerlifting elastic, to the newer long constriction style wrist wraps popularized in CrossFit. With so many options how do you decide which to purchase? Well, let me help. Wrist wraps much like other …

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KnotOut Mobility Roller Review

Ever since CrossFit began and Kelly Starrett took over with his MobilityWod blog there has been an influx of mobility tools flooding the market. One of the product categories that has expanded quickly is the Self Myofascial release tools and especially rollers. Because there's so many different types of rollers it …

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