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Bowflex HVT In-Depth Review

The Bowflex HVT is the best machine from Bowflex we have ever used. After putting it through multiple workouts including ones designed for cardio, strength training, as well as both, we can confidently recommend the HVT to users wanting a versatile piece of equipment that takes up little space. Table …

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CrossRope Jump Rope Review

The CrossRope Jump Ropes are the best option for weighted jump ropes currently available. After testing all of the various cable weights and handles in various workouts from double unders to speed skips, we are confident in recommending these ropes. Table of Contents Benefits of weighted jump ropes CrossRope Jump …

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Torque Fitness TANK Sled Review

The TANK Sled from Torque Fitness is the best all surface sled on the market today. Featuring magnetic resistance, heavy duty wheels, and an overbuilt body, there is no sled that can compare to the TANK. There are some things we'd like to see improved including a lower price, but …

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Schwinn Airdyne Pro Review: Best Air Bike Yet?

Purchase from Rogue Fitness: Schwinn AD Pro Ahh, the good ol' Schwinn Airdyne. You know, I've had a lot of beef with Airdyne's in the past. The chains always came loose. The pedals broke. The monitors sucked For the most part, they were pretty awful machines that didn't last, BUT …

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Get RXd Xebex Rower Review

Where to Purchase: Get RXd Xebex Rower If you were serious about rowing and/or wanted to use one in a commercial setting there was one option, the Concept 2 Rower. Granted, that was a great option. However, whenever a company has a stranglehold on the market, they can usually use …

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Uncommon Breed Weighted Vest

Where to Purchase: Rogue Fitness Sometimes you just want to make body-weight movements more difficult. There's few ways to do this outside of simply holding a weight while you do the movement. And in that case, I suppose the “bodyweight” part of the movement is negated because you are also …

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Get RXd Xebex Air Bike Review

Where to Buy: Get RXd Xebex Air Bike There are very few machines inside the walls of a CrossFit affiliate. Typically, the only ones you will find are a rower, possibly a ski-erg, and air bikes. In the past, there was one option for air bikes; the Schwinn Airdyne. The …

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