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Hylete Apparel Review: Is the Price Worth It?

Where to Purchase: Hylete There are a whole lot of options for fitness apparel. Seriously, there's an insane amount of companies, both new and old selling apparel specifically for your workout needs. One of the biggest “smaller” companies in the functional fitness arena is Hylete. Hylete came on the scene a …

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Wod Shirt Review

If you'd like to purchase a shirt or support the project head on over to Kickstarter where the shirt is currently being funded. Is there anything better than a comfy shirt? If you're like me, you enjoy training without a shirt the most. But you can't start the workout with …

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Fran Denim Review

Where to Purchase: Fran Denim I love denim. In fact, I'm what one would call a denim snob. The jeans I wear most often are a pair of Japanese Selvedge Sanforized Raws. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!? You never knew a pair of pants could be so complex did you? …

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Born Primitive Snatch Shorts Review

Born Primitive Snatch Shorts Many times after a volume intensive Olympic Lifting session my pubic bone will feel bruised. I'm certain I'm not alone in this as there is now a company who creates a pair of compression shorts with a flexible pad over the pubic area. This company is …

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