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Rogue Echo Air Bike Released

Rogue Fitness has released their first cardio machine, the Rogue Echo Bike. Similar to the Assault Air Bike and Schwinn Airdyne Pro, the Rogue Echo Bike utilizes air resistance along with a beefy frame to produce one of the best air bikes based on its specs. Is the Rogue Echo …

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Rogue Releases Pyrros Dimas Weightlifting Bar

Rogue Fitness has teamed up with Pyrros Dimas to introduce a stainless steel Olympic Weightlifting barbell. Featuring 195k PSI Tensile Strength Steel, bearings, and a unique knurl, the Rogue Pyrros Bar should be one of the best barbells made in America. Rogue Fitness has come out with quite possibly their …

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Titan Fitness Releases 9 Gauge X-2 Power Rack

Titan Fitness has taken one of their best-selling squat racks, the Titan T-2 and increased the thickness of the steel to 9 gauge and added features we've been asking for since the beginning. This is Titan Fitness' best squat rack yet! Titan Fitness has come out with their most heavy-duty …

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Nike Metcon 4 First Look + Release Date

The Nike Metcon 3's were the most popular training shoe ever released. To build upon that, the first images of the Nike Metcon 4's have been leaked and as expected, they appear to be quite similar to the 3's with some marked improvements. The Nike Metcon 4's feature an outsole …

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Rogue Fitness Releases New Cerakote Barbells

Rogue has taken their best-selling barbells and coated them in one of the world's most corrosive resistant coating usually associated with firearms — Cerakote. Rogue Fitness has come out with their most corrosive resistant barbell yet, the Rogue Cerakote Ohio Bar. Cerakote is a coating typically used to protect firearms. …

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Rogue Releases Machined Olympic Plates

Rogue Fitness is known for their bumper plates, but in recent years have begun releasing items for those outside of the CrossFit market. Most recently and notably, Rogue has released new machined Olympic Plates.   For those unaware, machined plates are different from cast iron plates. The majority of plates …

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First Look: Reebok Nano 7 Weave

Reebok came out with the Nano 7 out of nowhere. It's a great shoe, but in my opinion, it's not the best training shoe available. Recently, Rich Froning has been seen wearing a new pair of shoes that look similar to the newer Reebok Nano 7's, but with what appeared …

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