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The Best CrossFit Equipment for a Home Gym

CrossFit requires constantly varied movements performed at a high-intensity. Therefore, a home gym designed for CrossFit will require varied pieces of equipment made of high-quality (due to the intensity and work required.) These are the pieces of equipment and our suggestions for each to build the ultimate CrossFit home gym.

CrossFit is an awesome training program to increase all aspects of fitness. Although it has exploded in popularity and largely been commercialized, CrossFit started out in home gyms. Many choose to go to a CrossFit Box to train, while others decide to train at home (some do both.)

If you want to start a home gym and have the ability to perform pretty much all of the movements required for CrossFit, this is the equipment you will need along with our suggestions for where to purchase it based upon your budget.

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So you've got a basement, garage, or spare room that you want to convert into a home gym for CrossFit training? That's awesome; your neighbors are sure to be jealous.

In order to have a CrossFit home gym, you're going to need quite a bit of equipment IF you want to be able to perform every workout you would at a CrossFit Affiliate. However, if you really wanted to (and who does) you could get away with a barbell, plates, and squat rack. Whatever you choose, here is the best equipment based upon what we've used and liked, what others we've polled use (including some unsponsored CrossFit Games competitors,) and what we often suggest.

Strength Equipment

When it comes to gym equipment: Buy Once, Cry Once

If you're going to have a CrossFit home gym, one thing that is paramount is the inclusion of strength equipment. There's a myriad of different pieces of equipment that will build strength through CrossFit programming, but not all of it will last through the hard workouts day after day.

We chose to include items that are most seen in CrossFit-style programming and are essential to have if you're doing the CrossFit Open.

Best Squat Rack

Our Favorite Squat Rack

Rogue R-3 Power Rack

Rogue Fitness ($695)

The Squat Rack is one of the most used pieces of equipment in any gym. Many workouts involving the barbell will be done in the rack as well as pull-ups, kipping pull-ups , bar muscle-ups and more. You want a squat rack that can take it all and still keep moving. The Rogue R-3 Power Rack combines 2×3 steel tubing in a compact rack that will be stable (when bolted to the ground) for any movement or weight you can throw at it.

Rogue is known for outstanding attention to detail, and the R-3 Power Rack is a shining example of that. Everything from the welds to the powder-coat to even the spacing of the holes is well thought out. After putting the Rogue R-3 Power Rack through thousands of workouts, there's no better choice for most people. You can upgrade to a thicker steel tubing, but it's not needed.

The R-3 Power Rack is also compatible with many of the accessories Rogue releases and due to the thinner steel tubing, they're also often cheaper than the monster-lite and monster accessories. We reviewed the R-3 in-depth here if you're interested in more information.

If you want a cheaper squat rack, but would like the same functionality as the Rogue R-3, we suggest the Titan T-3 Power Rack as the best budget squat rack. Titan Fitness takes all of the great features Rogue is known for and packages them in a less glamorous and less expensive package.

Despite the lower price (especially when shipping is factored in) the Titan T-3 is an outstanding power rack capable of whatever you can throw at it. We reviewed the Titan T-3 in depth, comparing it to the Rogue R-3 and although we preferred the R-3, the T-3 is a worthy contender for the budget conscious. There are also many accessories designed to go along with the T-3 rack including dip handles and plate storage (4 posts come standard with the rack.) It's also worth noting that their accessories are similar to their racks regarding pricing compared to Rogue Fitness.

If you're on a strict budget, the Titan T-3 is the power rack to get.

Best Squat Stand

Rogue SML-2

FringeSport ($199)

If you don't have room for a power rack, or don't want to bolt the unit to the floor, the Rogue SML-2 is a great squat stand that is capable enough for nearly every CrossFit workout. After using the SML-2 in various workouts over the course of three years, we can confidently recommend the stand for anyone who is unable to bolt a rack to the ground.

The Rogue SML-2 features 3×3 steel tubing with all of the features Rogue fans have come to love including Westside Hole Spacing and excellent powder-coat. The SML-2 also includes a pull-up bar that works great for kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups if the base is weighted down with sandbags or plates.

The SML-2 can also have spotter arms purchased to help avoid getting hurt during maximal work alone. Something we greatly suggest for anyone training alone. We've reviewed the SML-2 in-depth if you'd like more information.

Best Barbell

The Best CrossFit Barbell

The Rogue Bar 2.0

Rogue Fitness ($255)

The Rogue Bar 2.0 is one of the most popular barbells in the world. Combining Rogue Fitness' attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and large manufacturing power, the Rogue Bar 2.0 can perform for nearly every movement or training style imaginable.

Not too long ago a barbell featuring 190k PSI tensile strength steel, a bushing rotation system, and high-quality knurl with a lifetime warranty would have cost you nearly $1,000. Thankfully, due to the growth of home gym owners and the popularity of CrossFit, there are now a seemingly endless amount of high-quality barbells for under $300. For most people, the Rogue 2.0 Bar is the best barbell for CrossFit.

If you'd rather not spend more than $200, although we'd suggest you do, the FringeSport Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell is a more than capable quality barbell from a company with an excellent reputation in the CrossFit training space. The FringeSport Wonder Bar features 205k PSI tensile strength steel, a 28mm shaft, and a black zinc coating on both the shaft and sleeves.

The Rogue Bar 2.0 ranks above the Wonder Bar and others, the smaller 28mm shaft and black zinc coating on the sleeves are less than optimal for the majority of trainees. The Wonder Bar does feature a lifetime warranty and although we don't believe FringeSport is as capable of servicing warranties as Rogue Fitness, they are a company we trust. Put simply, for $200, the Wonder Bar from FringeSport is a good barbell at a great price.

The Ohio Bar and Rogue Bar 2.0 from Rogue Fitness are very similar bars. For this reason, we recommend the Rogue Bar 2.0 due to it's lower price point for what is essentially the same bar. However, if money is not a worry and you want a bar that will best withstand corrosion, we recommend the stainless steel version of The Ohio Bar from Rogue Fitness as a step above our top pick.

The majority of people do not need to spend $350 on a barbell for CrossFit training and the benefits of stainless steel are not vastly superior to traditional barbell steel. This said, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel along with the superior knurling (due to no coating) are great to have if you're looking for a general purpose barbell and the increased cost is not an issue for you.

The Cap Barbell OB-86B is generally regarded as one of the best beginner barbells for under $200. Although the OB-86B lacks many of the features of our other picks such as a high quality knurl, minimum 190K PSI tensile strength steel, and lifetime warranties, for around $150 (it can often be had for less during sales), it's a pretty decent bar for CrossFit training.

The Cap Barbell OB-86B features polished steel sleeves with a black oxide finished shaft. The knurling is a bit aggressive and the spin is mediocre, but it's what you'd expect for the price. Featuring nearly 500 Amazon Reviews with an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars, the OB-86B is a decent bar for personal use. We consider the OB-86B to be more in the beater bar category and if you don't want to damage your more expensive bars, this may be the perfect dedicated rack and landmine bar to supplement your barbell arsenal.

Best Bumper Plates

The Best Bumper Plates for CrossFit

FringeSport Bumper Plates

Fringe Sport ($200+)

There are many options available for CrossFit training, but in our experience the FringeSport Bumper Plates are the best for most people. Featuring a unique construction, high quality virgin rubber, and easy to see weight identification, the Bumper Plates from FringeSport are the best value available.

FringeSport has made it their mission to make the best bumper plates available and they do by creating a center collar that is molded into the rubber rather than added after the mold process (how most companies create bumpers) that leads to fewer broke plates. In fact, you can even drop the ten pound plates from overhead without much of an issue. For the value, these are the best available and are used by many CrossFit Affiliates around the world.

If you simply want a cheap pair of bumper plates to either figure out if you're going to stay with working out at home or don't have the money, the Titan Bumper Plates are what we suggest. They're a no frills plate that will provide decently accurate weight measurements and should hold up to most workouts. This said, due to bumper plates getting so much use in CrossFit workouts, we would suggest spending more money here, on a good barbell, on a good rack, and then sacrifice in other areas.

Although these bumper plates should provide years of use, Titan Fitness suggests that they are not intended to withstand being dropped or thrown to the floor. Also, the warranty for Titan products is limited to one year and are at the discretion of Titan Fitness.

Best Kettlebells

The Best Kettlebells for CrossFit

Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Fitness ($22+)

Rogue Fitness is selling the best value kettlebells available. There are a few companies that sell this exact same kettlebell, however, when shipping is factored in, Rogue wins based on price a majority of the time (even companies selling on Amazon!)

The Rogue Fitness Kettlebells are the same ones seen in the CrossFit Games and work equally well for swings as they do for snatches and cleans. The finish has a great feel, especially when using chalk, which is much superior to the epoxy finish that many cheaper kettlebells have. The handle is also cast along with the bell which ensures their should be little to no worry about detachment (something often seen in cheaper kettlebells.)

FringeSport ranks as one of the cheaper options, however, much of their equipment is top-notch. Their kettlebells are a prime example of this. For instance, the texture on the kettlebell is specially designed and exclusive to FringeSport that works great with or without chalk. The weight of their kettlebells is also guaranteed to be within their ranges and nearly all of their equipment includes free shipping, including their kettlebells.

FringeSport also has a reputation similar to Rogue for their great customer service and willingness to work with customers during any warranty or return issues. Most people will want at least one 53 lb kettlebell and FringeSport sells theirs for $79 shipped. That's hard to beat no matter where you shop.

Best Medicine Ball

The Best Medicine Ball for CrossFit

XD Fit Medicine Balls

Amazon ($95+)

If you're a male doing CrossFit, you're going to want a 20 lb medicine ball at the very minimum. If you plan to compete, a 30 lb would also be useful as they often show up at Regionals and the Games. If you're a female, you'll want at least a 16 lb medicine ball to complete the Open workouts. The XD Medicine Balls are the toughest medballs we've used to date. They feature DuPont Kevlar innerwoven with the fiber to create a strong and grippy outer shell.

The medicine ball is used for all sorts of movements in CrossFit from wall balls to medball cleans; it's also often used as a mobility tool. The more a piece of equipment will be used, the tougher it should be and there is no tougher medicine ball than the XD Fit medicine balls. This said, they can be kind of price if you decide to purchase quite a few of them.

FringeSport has gone through four different iterations of their medicine balls and their current offering is the best one yet. It has a PVC exterior and double stitch lacing to keep the all of the contents inside. The weight is packed solidly and evenly distributed to prevent lumps forming within the ball. FringeSport also offers a one year warranty on the ball that is pretty standard.

The graphics on the FringeSport Med Balls are a digital camo that allows it stand out from the competition yet still look clean. These medicine balls will not be as durable as our top pick, but for home use, they should have no problem providing years of use, although we would suggest avoiding using them as slamballs as they can get lumpy rather quickly.

Best Weighted Vest

The Best Weighted Vest for CrossFit

5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier

Rogue Fitness ($240)

The TacTec Plate Carrier from 5.11 Tactical is such a great piece of training equipment that it was one of the few pieces of equipment not made by Rogue Fitness that was used in the 2016 and 2017 CrossFit Games. There are many weight vests available, but what separates the 5.11 Tactical Vest from others is the back yoke shoulder pads and secure fit during workouts.

The 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier is our pick for the best weighted vest for CrossFit for many reasons, but to sum it up best, this is the vest that feels the least cumbersome. No matter what, if you're wearing twenty extra pounds, you're going to feel it. However, after using multiple weight vests, it becomes pretty apparent that most vests tend to ride up and even can hit you in the face during sprints as well as kipping pull-ups. The 5.11 Vest does a great job of providing breathability, comfort, and a secure lockdown for the vest we believe is the best available.

If it matters to you, the 5.11 Vest can also be doubled as armour for tactical use and it looks pretty cool whether you're using it for workouts or to protect your life.

Pretty much all CrossFit workouts involving a vest call for a weight of 2o pounds. Murph, Clovis, you name it, the RX weight is going to be 20 lbs. WODmaster took that into consideration when creating their weight vest because it's 20 pounds, no less and no more. The advantage of this is everything is secure and the vest has a much closer fit. It's also a lot less expensive than others on the market.

For less than $100 shipped, the WODmaster could be on your doorstep ready for pain. Sure, it's not as glamorous or adjustable as our top pick, but it will get the job done and should be able to do so for many years.

The biggest benefit besides the price of the WODmaster is its ability to hug the body closely. It only takes one workout with a loose-fitting weight vest to realize the importance of fit during training. Your mind should be focused on the workout, not your equipment. For these reasons, the WODmaster Weight Vest is our budget pick.

Best Flat Bench

The Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 is the best flat bench available. Not only is it stable and capable of handling 1000+ lb bench presses, but it's also easy to move and store. We've put the Rogue Flat Bench 2.0 through various workouts over the past two years and there has been nothing it can't contend with.

The base of the Rogue Flat Bench is made of a single piece steel frame. The legs are angled for stability while the feet uses a pass through joint for increased rigidity. The pad is made of high-density neoprene which allows your back to set firm on the pad without much side to side movement. Recently, Rogue has added rubber feet that keep the bench even more locked in than before. There is not a better flat bench available, period.

The Rep Fitness Flat Bench is our budget pick because it's a great bench at an even better price. We reviewed the Rep Fitness Flat Bench in detail and found it to be essentially a budget version of our top pick. It has a bolt-together construction which can be helpful for people will uneven floors and uses thick steel tubing.

The top on the Rep Fitness Flat Bench uses vinyl upholstery with a semi-firm 2.5 inch thick pad beneath the covering. The feet have grooved rubber caps to prevent the bench from moving during workouts and the height is exactly where you want it for both short and tall trainees. The Rep Flat Bench is also rated to a similar 1,000 pounds as our top pick so you should never have any worry with it failing under load.

Bodyweight Equipment

Bodyweight Training can be just as effective as weight training.

Although weights are used often in CrossFit, there's no denying that many times there is nothing needed but your bodyweight. Box jumps, pull-ups, GHD Sit-Ups, and Muscle-Ups all require equipment to be performed despite your body being the only weight that' used.

Although there are an insane amount of machines that could be used, we went ahead and picked the ones most used and chose are favorites based upon those. Don't let them fool you though, just because it says a bodyweight workout does not mean it won't be difficult.

Best Plyo-Box

The Elev8 Adjustable Plyo-Box from 8th Day Performance is the best plyo-box we've used yet. It features four individually adjustable legs that go from eighteen inches all the way up to thirty inches. This means you can use it for everything from box squats to box jumps.

The Elev8 Adjustable Plyo-Box is also sturdy despite its lightweight aluminum legs and has a thick plastic top that is textured to keep from slipping during jumps. We also liked the fact that the sides of the top are sloped which should prevent major damage to shins on failed attempts. Although there are a few things we'd like to see improved, this is the best option available for most people.

If you'd like to see more of our thoughts on this plyo-box, see our full review of it here.

If you're looking for the traditional style wooden plyo-box that is found all across the world in CrossFit Affiliates, we'd suggest you make your own. However, if you'd rather purchase one knowing it will last, we suggest the Plyo-Box from Rep Fitness.

The Rep Fitness Plyo-Box features the standard Games-Style dimensions of 20/24/30 inches and is easy to put together. It's also a pretty cheap option considering the price includes Prime Shipping from Amazon. Although the box is made of wood, it will be very sturdy, fit precisely during assembly (they're CNC machined,) and not too difficult to maneuver thanks to the included cutout handles.

The box also features internal bracing that keeps the sides from warping during jumps and the burned in logos not only look professional, but provide easy identification for the height of the box you're using. All in all, the Rep Fitness Plyo-Box is a great wooden box for the budget-minded.

Best GHD

The Best GHD for CrossFit

Rogue Abram GHD 2.0

Rogue Fitness ($695)

The Rogue Abram GHD 2.0 is the best GHD on the market today. After using it in for all sorts of workouts including the ever-popular CrossFit movement, GHD Situps, we are confident in saying that this is the best value GHD available.

Rogue has taken their usual attention to detail and made the Abram GHD 2.0 an absolute beast. In our testing, we found that there was very little that could shake the Abram, regardless of the users weight. One feature of a higher-end GHD that is very important is the padding that's used on the top as well as the rollers. Cheaper GHD's padding will deflate and deform easily over time. This creates difficulty during use and will eventually lead to having to find replacement pads.

The roller assembly is not only easy to adjust, but also provides accurate distances and heights. If you'd like to use accommodating resistance, band pegs can be inserted in the legs similar to Rogue Racks. All in all, there is not a better GHD on the market.

The Titan Fitness Glute & Hamstring Developer is our budget pick for those wanting a GHD, but not wanting to spend a lot of money. In typical Titan Fitness fashion, they have taken a Rogue design, removed many of the frills, and created an equally effective GHD.

The Titan Fitness GHD has the same functionality as the Rogue Abram 2.0. This includes the same footroller adjustment system, pad height, and even the same look. The pads and rollers on the Titan GHD will not be as firm or resistance to warping and the overall unit may be less stable, however, for most home gyms this is all you would ever need.

Titan Fitness has included wheels on the back for easy mobility and although the unit is powder-coated, it could use some improvements. One thing we like about the Titan Fitness GHD over the Rogue Abram 2.0 is the ability to purchase a wider foot plate that can be nice for people who like to set up with a wider stance.

The Titan Fitness GHD may be cheap in price in comparison to Rogue, but it's just as capable for building a strong core and posterior chain.

Best Pull-Up Bar

The Best Pull-Up Bar for CrossFit

Rogue P-4 Pull-Up System

Rogue Fitness ($145)

If you're going to be doing CrossFit type workouts, one thing you're going to definitely need is a pull-up bar. Whether you're going to be doing kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups, ring dips, or just want a place to hang for stretch purposes, the pull-up bar you purchase needs to be able to withstand a lot of use.

The Rogue P-4 Pull-Up System is the best pull-up bar on the market today. It's strong, farther away from the wall than most pull-up bars which allows more space for kipping pull-ups and it's expandable.

If you choose one of our suggested squat racks, you don't need a separate pull-up bar. However, if you want a separate bar for other people working out or just more workout versatility, the Rogue P-4 Pull-Up System is our suggestion.

Our budget pick is the Titan Fitness Pull-Up Bar. Feature very similar construction and features as our top pick, there's really not much reason to purchase the Rogue P-4 unless you need the ability to expand the pull-up system or prefer shopping with Rogue.

The Titan Pull-Up bar features a nice powder-coat finish that grips well with chalk and has a 30″ distance from the wall that is perfect for any type of kipping movement you would like to perform. At under $80, this pull-up bar is hard to beat, but don't let its price fool you. It's a capable pull-up bar with great reviews that is able to take just about any type of workout you can throw at it.

One thing we would suggest is making sure the pull-up bar is mounted into studs. If not, you could not only damage the wall, but could easily hurt yourself especially during kipping movements.

Best Gymnastics Rings

The Best Rings for CrossFit

ProCircle Gymnastics Rings

Amazon ($36)

One reason we recommend the ProCircle Gymnastic Rings despite them being the cheapest on Amazon (they're pretty close) is due to the strap buckles, wood finish, and diameter options. The last thing you want when using gymnastic rings is for the buckle to fail and send you to the ground.

The buckle on the ProCircle Gymnastic Rings Straps is heavy-duty, while the wood finish is smooth, unlike many competitors. Finally, the FID ring standard (the one's used in the Olympics) is a 1.1″ Diameter. Most of the cheaper gymnastic rings have a diameter of 1.25″ which may seem small, but regarding a ring, it's definitely noticeable.

The wider gymnastics rings are available to purchase for a couple bucks more if that suits your fancy, but we'd suggest for everyone but those with monster mitts to purchase the 1.1″ diameter variety.

If you have no interest in wooden rings or would like something more durable and able to weather the elements, I'd suggest the Nayoya Plastic Gymnastic Rings.

We have tested the Nayoya Gymnastics Rings in all sorts of workouts and situations including for things like leaving outside and taking on trips. I much prefer wood for its ability to take chalk, but we've had no qualms with the Nayoya's and to make up for the lack of grip, you can easily wrap them in hockey tape.

The straps on the Nayoya Gymnastics Rings are somewhat short and thin compared to competitors, but for the price, they're hard to beat. Not to mention they should last forever.

Conditioning Equipment

A portion of my stable of condition pieces. There are many more to the left.

One part of CrossFit that you can avoid no matter how much you'd like is conditioning. Whether it's interval training or simply throwing in some conditioning during metcons, you're going to want conditioning equipment that is not only effective, but is going to take the abuse you can throw at it.

Go into any CrossFit Affiliate and the equipment you'll see will be rowers, bikes, and sleds. If you want to compete in the CrossFit Open you'll need to have specific pieces of equipment and those are the ones we recommend here.

Best Rower

The Best Rower for CrossFit

Concept 2 Model D Rower

Rogue Fitness ($900)

Without a doubt, the Concept 2 Rower is the best rower available today. Whether you are wanting to use it for CrossFit or any other training, there is not a better rower at any price.

After using the Concept 2 over the course of 5 years, we are confident that not only is the Concept 2 Rower effective, but it's also extremely durable and reliable. Requiring very little maintenance or care is one reason it's become the standard for CrossFit Affiliates as well as the CrossFit Games. The simple design of the flywheel with a damper setting, an easy read-out screen, and wheels for easy portability is just a portion of the reasons we recommend the Concept 2 Rower.

One reason the Concept 2 Rower is so effective is because rowing is a total body workout. Whether you want to go long, short, do intervals, or mix it in with metcons, the Concept 2 Rower will provide an effective workout and improve the conditioning of anyone using it.

If you want one of the best conditioning equipment pieces available that will not only last, but also have incredible resale value, we recommend you purchase the Concept 2 Rower.

The Xebex Rower is our budget pick for those looking for a good rower at a great price. The Xebex Rower is not as polished or durable as the Concept 2 Rower, but it is an effective piece of conditioning equipment and gets the job done at a lower price than the Concept 2 Rower.

We've reviewed the Xebex Rower in-depth, over 3,500 words to be exact, and after using it over the past two years, we still stand by our review that the Xebex Rower is a worthy contender to the Concept 2 Rower at the right price. The Xebex Rower sits higher than the Model D which many like and folds up in a different way that we found to be a bit more compact than the Concept 2. The calories are also counted similarly to the Concept 2 so it can be used in different competitions or alongside the Concept 2 rowers.

One thing we would like to see improved on the Xebex Rower is the monitor. The monitor does a good job of tracking things, however it can be difficult to use and just simply isn't as user-friendly as the Performance Monitors on the Concept 2 Rowers.

If you're on a budget and need a rower, we suggest the Xebex Rower.

Best Air Bike

The Best Air Bike for CrossFit

Schwinn AirDyne Pro

Amazon ($999)

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro is the best air bike currently available. Featuring a belt-driven system that is prone to fewer problems than chain-driven systems as well as an easy to read monitor and premium materials used throughout, there is not a better air bike currently being made.

We've reviewed the Schwinn Airdyne Pro in-depth in the past, and after using it over the course of two years, we are just as impressed with it as we were on the day we received it for review. Despite having to do constant maintenance on every air bike we've used with a chain-driven system, we have had zero issues with the Schwinn AD Pro and believe it's in large part due to the use of a rubber belt (seen in cars and on higher-end bicycles.)

The monitor on the Schwinn Airdyne Pro features every type of metric you'd like to track and does so in an easy to read and navigate menu. The handles of the AD Pro feature three different places for gripping, the foot pegs are durable, and the wheels allow the air bike to be easily maneuvered.

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro is not like the Airdyne's of the past. It's made for high-intensity work and should be more reliable than any other air bike.

Our budget pick for the best air bike for CrossFit is the Assault Air Bike. Although we've reviewed a very similar bike in the past (Xebex Air Bike) and usually recommend it, we believe that due to the Assault Bike being used in CrossFit more often and the bikes being the same price currently that the Assault Air Bike is the best budget option for most reading this.

The Assault Air Bike was the first air bike to take the original Schwinn Airdyne design and make it more durable for the CrossFit market. However, even though Assault updated the looks and materials, they kept the same chain-driven system which is the cause of so much frustration by original Schwinn Airdyne owners.

Despite the Assault Air Bike using a chain-drive, we are fans of the monitor that is easy to use and navigate as well as the overall build of the machine. If you plan on competing in the CrossFit Games, this is the bike you should probably train on due to its constant use in the Games.

If you want a good air bike at a lower price than our top pick and plan on using it for CrossFit, we suggest the Assault Air Bike.

Best Sled

The Best Sled for CrossFit

Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Rogue Fitness ($265)

The Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is our pick for the best sled for CrossFit. After using the Rogue Dog Sled for various workouts such as sprints, drags, pulls, and pushes over the course of a year, we are confident in recommending the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 for those wanting a versatile sled for CrossFit Training.

The Rogue Dog Sled is the standard by which all other sleds are measured. It's compact, heavy-duty, and highly versatile for any sort of workouts you can throw at it. Although we've reviewed many different sleds and prefer ones that are on wheels due to how quiet they are, for someone training for CrossFit, the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 is the most versatile option.

Featuring two removable posts, signature Rogue black powder-coating, many different attachments, and heavy-gauge steel runners, the Rogue Dog Sled is the best available. There are nearly ten different additional attachments available for customizing the Dog Sled for a seemingly endless amount of use, all sure to put you in the hurt locker.

The Rogue Slice Sled is a very versatile, highly compact sled at a great price; for these reasons it's our budget pick.

Our top pick is a large sled. Although you can drag it, it will be less than optimal as the starting weight is high and it's fairly large. The Slice Sled was Rogues answer to a sled that can be used both for drags and sprints.The Slice Sled features the signature Rogue powder-coat with two removable handles (the same ones as our top pick) as well as an included sled strap and carabiner.

Whether you want to do sled drags, rope pulls or traditional prowler sprints, these can all be accomplished with the Slice Sled despite its compact form. For you home gym owners, storing the Slice Sled is one of it's best benefits as it utilizes the same foldable post as seen on the Rogue E Sled.

If you're looking for a smaller profile sled and are on a budget, the Rogue Slice Sled is our suggestion.

Best Jump Rope

The Best Jump Rope for CrossFit

RPM Session 3.0

Amazon ($53)

The RPM Session 3.0 Speed Rope is the best jump rope/speed rope for CrossFit currently being made. We have reviewed all of the top options for speed ropes and although we love the variety of ropes available, we always go back to the RPM Session 3.0.

The RPM Session 3.0 features knurled, aluminum handles that provide excellent grip in a thin and comfortable form factor. Although there are many ropes using grips, we prefer the feeling of knurling similar to what you find on barbells and love the small amount of maintenance the RPM Speed Rope requires compared to others. They also come in many different colors and with the option for a coated cable or bare steel. If you want increased speed, we suggest choosing the bare cable, although be aware that misses will sting.

If you don't plan on doing double-unders, than we suggest staying away from a speed rope, however, we haven't found a better feeling and performing speed rope than the RPM Session 3.0.

If you don't want to drop a lot of change, but want a quality speed rope for double-unders, we suggest the Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope.

The SR-1 features durable nylon-resin handles that are unlikely to break, four Hi-Precision Cartridge Ball Bearings per rope that spin smooth and consistent, and a red-coated speed cable that whips around as fast as someone would ever want.

The handles on the SR-1 are a bit longer than most available which some have found to help in teaching the wrists to turn the rope rather than the shoulders. The SR-1 is a more than capable speed rope that should last through many workouts and when the cable does end up fraying, they're easily interchangeable.


There's a never-ending amount of gym equipment that can be purchased for use in training. Although we've tried to include as much as possible, there are still things that get left out.

Here are some miscellaneous things you'll want for your home gym.

Best Barbell Collars

The Best Barbell Collars for CrossFit

OSO Titan Metal Collars

Rogue Fitness ($53)

The Titan Metal Collars are not only the best collars OSO produces, but also the best collars currently being made. We have yet to find a pair of collars that hold weight on as well, or are as easy to use as the OSO Collars.

The Metal Titan Collars are OSO's latest invention and feature rubberized interior plugs that grip the bar and prevent it from slipping, a longer handle that provides more leverage for tightening while on the barbell, as well as a frame made of 6061 Billet Aluminum that is tougher than any collars we've used. The OSO Titan Collars also happen to look pretty great with a wide-range of colors available.

Barbell collars is not an area that you should skimp on. If you buy a good pair of collars, they should outlast you and keep you from getting hurt from plates flying off the bar. The OSO Titan Metal Collars are our pick for the best barbell collars available.

The Rogue HG 2.0 Collars are our budget pick for the best barbell collars for CrossFit. The Rogue HG 2.0 Collars are made by LockJaw and are an updated version of the original and very popular HG 1.0 Collars.

The updated version features a spring tag for a quicker release and firmer grip, rubber padding for a better stick on the barbell, and stainless steel hardware to prevent any corrosion hurting the appearance and function of the collars.

The HG2.0 Collars are made of a nylon-resin that is very hard-wearing and after using the collars for all sorts of workouts including testing their gripping abilities, we can easily recommend them. Despite their lower price than our top pick, they hold extremely well and should be as durable as any collar currently available.

Best Flooring

The Best Flooring For CrossFit

Horse Stall Mats

Tractor Supply ($40)

There are many different flooring options for a CrossFit Gym, but the best option for most people are horse stall mats. They're cheap (typically around $40) and thick enough to protect your foundation.

If you don't have a Tractor Supply near you, look for some other sort of Animal Feed store. Although you can buy matting online, it's not worth the cost.

Best Barbell Gun Rack

The Best Barbell Rack for CrossFit

Rogue Fitness V2 Gun Rack

Rogue Fitness ($99)

Our pick for the best barbell rack for a CrossFit Home Gym is the Rogue Fitness V2 Gun Rack.

is In typical Rogue fashion, they take an idea and make it as heavy-duty as possible. the Rogue V2 Gun Rack features six slots for barbells made with 7-gauge brackets and laser-cut UHMW plastic inserts to protect the knurling on your bars.

The Titan Fitness Gun Rack is very similar to our top pick, but with slightly thinner UHMW liners and worse powder coating. However, from a function standpoint, it should perform the same way.

We are big fans of Titan Fitness and their budget priced equipment that performs just as well as others with twice as high price tags. The Gun Rack is a perfect example of this. It will hold your bars for years to come without any issues and look good while doing it.

We also like the fact that the shipping on the rack is free, so the price you see is the price you pay. If you want a place to put your barbells at the best price we've seen, we suggest the Titan Gun Rack.

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