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2016 Black Friday Gym Equipment Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is HERE! Prepare your wallets!

In years past, we've seen some killer gym equipment deals from various companies. Whether you're looking for gym equipment, training shoes, or apparel, Black Friday is the best time to buy them.

Rogue Fitness, Fringe Sport, and seem to have had the best deals in the past, but many companies will be clamming for your hard earned dollars.

Expect the sales to start being released about two weeks before Black Friday. That said, Rogue's probably won't be released until the week of Black Friday.

Also something to note, in an effort to be transparent, many of the links listed are affiliate links that go to support the site. Thank you for that support.

Without further Adieu, here are the most popular Black Friday deals for gym equipment, training shoes, and workout gear.


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Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness has one sale a year.  That's it. ONE.

And that sale happens during Black Friday in a sale dubbed ‘Matte Black Friday.' Thankfully, it's a pretty glorious sale.

If you're looking to buy some equipment from Rogue Fitness this is literally the best time of the year to buy it. And as typically happens, the more you buy, the more you save.

We are live folks! Matte Black Friday is here!

Click here to see the full sale!

Just is in years past, there are three categories of sales at Rogue:


Matte Black Friday at Rogue always features hot deals that are available until sold out and MBF Exclusives.

MBF Exclusives are one-off runs of sweet pieces of equipment that will likely never be produced again.


If you're looking to buy plates, dumbbells, or kettlebells, there's no better time than Black Friday. The main reason is of the shipping discount.

The more weight you buy, the more money you save. It's that simple.


Want to save even more money. Buy 5 items and no matter the weight, they all ship for $5. That' s abig savings considering the weight of some items.

Click here to see the full sale!

American Barbell

American Barbell has one sale about every quarter.

The Black Friday Sale is without a doubt the best one they have, and expect to see some new items come out this year. Possibly some crazy new barbells.

I've reviewed some of American Barbell's equipment in the past (check out the Training Barbell) and they are without a doubt producing some of the best barbells available today.

The deals for American Barbell's Black Friday are many, and there's a lot of BIG discounts.

Find the full sale here:


Look out especially for the barbells and plates. Best time of the year to buy.

Click here for the full sale!

Fringe Sport

Fringe Sport almost always has the best deals at Black Friday. Even though they run weekly deals, during Black Friday just about everything will be on sale

Fringe Sport already has the lowest prices overall for gym equipment, but they absolutely slash them during Black Friday.

If you need equipment and aren't wanting to break the bank, I'd most likely suggest Fringe Sport. Their customer service is great, and their equipment is pretty good as well.

So whether you CrossFit or do any other sort of training you'll be sure to find a great deal from Fringe Sport this year.

Here is the current sale:


In addition to the above, Fringe Sport has:

And a WHOLE LOT more…

Click here to see the full sale!

X Training Equipment

X Training Equipment is a one stop shop for just about any piece of training equipment that you can think of.

They're very much a company where you can get lots of equipment at low prices, and Black Friday is no exception.


View the full sale here!

Vulcan Strength

Vulcan Strength is a company that doesn't get enough attention. Their barbells are very quality as are their kettlebells, but they still get overshadowed.

If you're looking to get something from Vulcan, Black Friday is the time to do it.

Despite past years' sales being rather modest, this year their sale is BIG. Just about everything is on sale.

See the full sale here:


Reebok CrossFit

Reebok, unfortunately, has had pretty mediocre Black Friday's in the past.

Despite most years having mediocre sales, Reebok has a pretty good sale this year with 50% off some really popular items.

See the full sale here:


Again Faster

Again Faster has gone through a lot of changes. Although, I think they produced some great equipment in the past, I”m not so sure how they're doing now.

That said, their prices are hard to beat and if you're in the market for a barbell, this is a good place to look.


See the full sale here!

Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness is importing some good priced equipment. Their benches are some of the best value available, and their barbells aren't too shabby either.

Expect at the most about 15% off as they already run pretty slim margins.

Here was last years sale:

Rep Fitness Black Friday


Sorinex is making some killer equipment and in large part is one of the most underrated equipment companies in my opinion.

Last year, they took some decent price slashes on their equipment, but the best of all was $250 off the Mach-II GHD.

This year I'd expect a bigger sale as they continue to grow and get more mass appeal.

This was 2015's sale:

Sorinex Black Friday

Christian's Fitness Factory

Christian's Fitness Factory currently has their annual Black November sale in which they have big markdowns on just about everything.

Nearly all of their equipment is imported and cheap, but for the price, there are some great deals to be had.



EliteFTS typically has a big Black Friday sale. Although they discount items throughout the year, Black Friday is their biggest sale and it goes on all month long.

This week the sale is on Prowlers, Sleds, their SS Yoke Bar, as well as apparel. (link)

Kill Cliff

Kill Cliff ran a 50% off apparel sale last year. I'm curious to see if they'll do something similar this year, or possibly a percentage off on their beverages.

Black Widow Training Gear

Black Widow Training Gear is a one man shop producing some of the best gear around. If you're looking for a specialty bar at an unbeatable price, this is your place.


Get RXd

Get RXd is very close to Fringe Sport in pricing, with a HUGE selection of equipment.

The items I'd pay most attention to are the Xebex Rower and the Xebex Air Bike. I've reviewed both (click the links to see) and they are GREAT pieces of cardio equipment. For the price, they're pretty hard to beat.

This year, Get RXd has big discounts on both their rower and bike as well just about everything else.


RX Smart Gear

RX Smart Gear makes my personal favorite jump ropes. They also have some weighted ropes that are great for conditioning.

Currently, their sale is: All jump ropes, handles, and replacement cables 15% off. Inov-8 shoes 35% off and other apparel on sale for up to 40% off.

Shop RX Smart Gear Here!


Eleiko undoubtedly produces some of the best bars and plates in the WORLD! When it comes to Olympic Weightlifting, it's the bar I use and have reviewed here.

Eleiko is also expensive and they rarely have sales.

However, this Black Friday, they are planning on having a rather large sale for them. To be announced soon!

Shop Eleiko Here!

Form Lifting Collar

I reviewed the Form Lifting Collar in the past, and was quite impressed.

Although it's not something I use on an everyday basis, I do think many trainees and coaches would find the metrics useful in the pursuit of their goals.

They're holding a Black Friday sale for 30% off collars, which is the biggest discount they've offered yet.

Details here:

Use code COOP30 now to receive 30% off of all collar purchases AND as an added bonus, use code SHIP4FREE to receive free shipping.


The Wod Life

The Wod Life is producing some awesome apparel. I have a review coming out on their shorts actually.

If you're looking some great training apparel, look here:


Pure Strength

I haven't been able to use much equipment from Pure Strength, but they have some great looking racks.

Check out their sale here:


Stay Strong, Live Long,


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      Another one for your list: AMMO Athletic is offering a limited number of compression shorts for $10 (60% off) and 5-packs for $99 (25% off) thru Monday Nov 28: http://get.ammoathletic.com/cyberweek/ #nutsonacloud

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